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Jan 18, 2013  We now support iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia, LG and Samsung mobile phones for Mobile Spy. Click here for more details.  Administrator
Jan 18, 2013  Checkout our new affiliate program to earn cash by simply pasting links online!  Administrator
Dec 24, 2011  A new installer is now available for Desktop Shark.  Administrator
Jan 18, 2013  Our Plugin API is now available for .Net Developers.  Administrator
Dec 01, 2011  The website/file folder parental control plugin is now available from our plugin marketplace!
Click here to see. Requires version 3.04
Dec 01, 2011  Online file retrieval coming soon!  Administrator
Dec 01, 2011  A new version is available for download. If you have automatic updates turned on then Desktop Shark will update silently.  Administrator
Nov 24, 2011  We offer a variety of hardware keyloggers. Visit our hardware keylogger page to see more.  Administrator
Nov 24, 2011  We now offer a hardware video logger that supports all monitors. For more information checkout our video shark page.  Administrator
Nov 24, 2011  Happy Thanksgiving!  Be sure to checkout our holiday specials to save on our keylogger hardware and software!  Administrator
Nov 21, 2011  A new update is available for Desktop Shark!  Administrator
Oct 13, 2011  Pidgin Instant Messenger Plugin is now available under the plugins tab. Click here to see  Administrator
Sep 28, 2011  A 64 bit version of Desktop Shark is now available under the download page. If you have been experiencing issues running the 32 bit installer please try the 64 bit.  Administrator
Sep 26, 2011  Skype and Pidgin instant messenger plugins coming soon.  Administrator
Sep 26, 2011  We will be performing server maintenance on Monday September 26, 2011 at 11AM - 11:30AM. Please excuse us for any service interuptions during this time.  Administrator
Sep 17, 2011  Alert word detection has been added to the online portal!  Administrator
Sep 15, 2011  Desktop Shark version 3.0 is now available!  Administrator
Sep 02, 2011  We are currently in the process of working on Desktop Shark 3.0 which includes exciting new features and an enhanced user interface. We have taken much feedback from our users and are exciting to implement these ideas in to our next build! Stay tuned.  Administrator
Jul 27, 2011  We've released several patches to our keylogger software. Be sure to download the updates to have the latest features and bug fixes.  Administrator
Jul 08, 2011  We have fixed the security certificate issue so it should be working shortly.  Administrator
Jul 08, 2011  The portal is currently down due to a certificate error. We are currently working on this and expect to have it back up shortly.  Administrator
Jul 07, 2011  Our new portal is up. Click here or the "Login" tab at the top of the page to use.  Administrator
May 31, 2011  Tip - To password protect the Cellphone Shark on Android devices there is an app on the Google marketplace called "protector" or "app protector" that offers this service.  Administrator
May 30, 2011  Cellphone Shark for Windows Mobile coming soon!!!  Administrator
Mar 24, 2011  We have finished updating our servers! Since we were temporarily down we have increated everyone's subscription by 2 days. Thank you all for your patience!!!  Administrator
Aug 23, 2011  For help articles on how to use the Android application be sure to visit our online help archive here.   Administrator
Mar 02, 2011  A critical update has been published for the Android Application. It can be downloaded from our website or the Google Marketplace.  Administrator
Mar 01, 2011  We are aware that many users are experiencing issues with text messages, calls, and gps coordinates for the Android Mobile App. We've created a critical update and will have it available within the next 24 hours!!! It will be released as a major update towards v2.0.  Administrator
Jul 26, 2011  Great news! Mozilla Firefox is now supported by Desktop Sharks web browser monitoring service. To get this update please re-install by downloading the installer or click here.  Administrator
Feb 02, 2011  A high priority update has been released tonight for Desktop Shark Windows. If you are experiencing any problems please run update under the File Menu.  Administrator
Feb 01, 2011  Just when you think the water is calm and it is safe to swim... The Desktop Shark developers are at it again. Coming out with the next wave of products, upgrades, and features. Stay tuned!!!  Administrator
Feb 01, 2011  We are in the process of publishing a new upgrade for Android devices. It will include an enhanced UI as well as fixes to common problems with sending information to the server, such as during signal outages and network down time. We are planning on releasing it to the Google Marketplace for automatic updates as well as from our website. Please stay tuned as this will be available in the next few days. We will alert all users when made available.  Administrator
Jan 13, 2011  Cellphone Shark servers are back up!!!  Administrator
Dec 30, 2010  Our website is in the process of having more content added... Please check back shortly if you don't see help documents or instructions regarding the Android Mobile Spy application.  Administrator
Dec 30, 2010  Great news! We've launched a mobile version of Desktop Shark for Android devices!!! Cell Shark is available for existing and new users for 7 days FREE of Charge! Check it out here  Administrator
Aug 04, 2010  We have many new exciting features being added in the next release of Desktop Shark... available to all existing users. Stay tuned for our official release date!!!  Administrator
Jul 26, 2011  We've released another installer that contains bug fixes as well as new exciting features. Please download at Desktop Shark Download Center  Administrator
Apr 29, 2010  A major release has been published. Please download and run the latest installer. Thanks!!!  Administrator
Mar 31, 2010  A new version of Desktop Shark has been released. Please download v1.9 to get the latest features and patches. Thanks!  Administrator
Mar 09, 2010  Great news!! We have finished upgrading our servers and email has been restored. However, we are still working on getting the remote cell phone features back up. They should be up shortly (ETA 3-16-10). Thanks Everyone!!! We will keep you posted.  Administrator
Mar 06, 2010  We are currently performing maintenance on our servers. Please be aware that you may experience service interruptions within the next 48 hours.  Administrator
Feb 27, 2010  Cellphone Shark?.... Coming Soon.  Administrator
Feb 27, 2010  The chum is in the water and the shark is ready to feed!!! chomp chomp chomp  Administrator
Feb 27, 2010  Have an idea for Desktop Shark? We would love to here it.  Administrator
Feb 18, 2010  Follow us on our Twitter Account  Administrator
Feb 17, 2010  Online log viewer now supports filtering of markup tags.  Administrator
Oct 27, 2010  Remote access for screen shots has been activated. To begin using this feature login to your online account. If you are not registered please do so by clicking here  Administrator
Feb 08, 2010  The ability to remove all logging history has been added to Online Accounts.  Administrator
Feb 04, 2010  We changed the image format from PNG to JPG in order to conserve space. Please download the latest version to get this update.   Administrator
Jan 24, 2010  Another release has been pushed out that fixed the issues with logging off in older versions of windows XP as well as the hotkeys not working on windows 7. Please download the latest version to get these patches.  Administrator
Jan 21, 2010  Good News, our developers got struck with a touch of genious and fixed all bugs with windows user accounts tonight... If you are experiencing trouble please download the latest version!  Administrator
Jan 22, 2010  We are currently investigating issues with running Desktop Shark on different Windows user accounts. He hope to have a fix out soon. Please stay tuned for new updates.  Administrator
Jan 21, 2010  We have released a new Desktop Shark installer that fixes the issues our users have been experiencing with older versions of the .Net framework (prior to 2.0).  Administrator
Jan 19, 2010  Due to security concerns we will no longer be storing numeric data on the server. Numbers will be replaced with #.  Administrator
Jan 18, 2010  We are planning a release of the web-site tracking tool! This feature will come with a black-list to block designated websites. We expect to have it released by mid-february.  Administrator
Jan 17, 2010  Logging of IP addresses has been added under IP Tracking.  Administrator
Jan 12, 2010  The ability to change passwords has been added under settings.  Administrator
Jan 04, 2010  Remote logging has been added under key logs.  Administrator
Dec 25, 2009  Screen shots are now navigable in the desktop shark console.  Administrator