How to track your computers with a software keylogger 
Nowadays, many people use the same computer, either for work or at home. This means that the security of a computer is altered. If you’re an employer, you might be concerned about what your employees are doing on those computers. You might finally get the evidence that you need to prove that they are slacking, rather than working. If you’re a loving mother or father and you have two or three kids, you’ll find it hard to see what they are doing on the computer. This is where you should consider using a software keylogger. The software keylogger is designed to help you track everything that happens on the computer – from passwords to web logs and chat messages.
The software keylogger isn’t just a program that saves all of the entered passwords on the computer, as many people think – it’s a more complex program than that. I’ll just try and tell you some of the features of a simple software keylogger. This kind of programs can save absolutely every key pressed on the PC. And they do it in a very convenient manner. They won’t just show you a key at a time; they will show it up to you like text. Just as the one you’re reading now.
Other software keyloggers have the great ability to save screenshots of the runtime of the computer and save them so that later on they can be at your disposal. The great thing is that you can customize the settings of the screenshot logger; you can make the program take a screenshot every 10 seconds and you can make it take a screenshot every 30 seconds, it’s all up to you. It’s a simple decision, if you’re very interested in what is happening on the particular PC then you’d shorten the time between the screenshots, if you’re just monitoring to make sure that everything is OK, you can set the screenshot logger to higher intervals of time – this way the computer memory won’t get used up very fast.
Other software keyloggers have the ability to save the web history of every browser installed. This is nice because you’ll see the web history of all of the browsers in one place. The other great thing is that even if the web history got deleted from the web browser, it would still stay in the software keylogger, since this is why it’s installed – to make sure that you see all of the information and actions and leave nothing hidden. Some software keyloggers also offer a search engine query logger, since you’d see these only as a URL in Google. The developers have thought that this might also be a convenient tool for all people.
The last great feature I’m going to tell you about is the ability to see all of the information online. Yes, with some software keylogger you’ll be able to see all of these things that have been logged online, so you don’t need to have direct access to the computer. This is especially great if you’re going out of town on a trip or if you’re tracking a laptop.

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