How to feel like a real life James Bond with a Keylogger 
Have you ever thought you can be a spy like James Bond and know everything about a certain computer, without the person using it even knowing? Well you do have to own the computer; otherwise you might be pursued by law for breaking personal space and interfering with others’ privacy. Anyway if you want to do all of this you need a software keylogger. And I’d be struck by a storm if there was a better software keylogger than Desktopshark’s one.

To begin with, the software keylogger gives you the ability to see all of the keys pressed by the user. This is a broad way to say that you can keep track of what the user has been chatting and what emails has he been writing. Yes, you won’t be able to see what the user has received as an email or a chat message but Desktopshark have made it up; they created a screenshot logger that will take a screenshot of every 10 to 60 seconds. So you’ll have a rough idea of who has the user been chatting to or emailing to. You’ll also be able to see some of the answers to the person’s messages. The software keylogger has different preferences settings about the screenshot logger; you can choose how much time after some action has been taken on the computer a screenshot will be taken. You might also choose not to take screenshots if you find it useless. But it’s a very powerful tool to see what the user has been touching on your computer and other things that he might not be supposed to do.

The other features presented by the software keylogger include the web history logger. This is a way to save the history of web browsing without it being able to be deleted. Even if the person deleted the history from the web browser, it would stay in the software keylogger. He won’t even know that it’s saved somewhere else. This is a great way to keep track of the interests of your spouse or kids or the productivity of your employees. You wouldn’t want your spouse to be visiting dating sites. That’d leave a big concern in me. As of the employees, your only problem is Facebook.
There is a little tweak to this feature created by the developers of the software keylogger, called the search engine query logger and it’s a standalone feature but it’s not very different from the web history logger. This one saves all of the strings entered into the most popular search engines and stores them so that they can be at your disposal.
A good ending to the James Bond software keylogger is the remote feature. You have the ability to access all of this information online, once you log into Desktopshark’s website. Of course, you can see all of this info when you go to the computer and enter the password you have set for the software keylogger installed on it, but don’t you think this would give you the feeling of a real spy?

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