What is keylogger software 
There are many links for free keylogger download in the internet, but not all of them will link to a program that will really work for you, rather than someone over the internet interested in your personal information, or a company that is gathering information from the users of the free keylogger download about what websites they have visited, or what programs do they run and so on. Only be sure to follow links that are approved and don’t have a spammy outlook of their home page. You’ve surely came down to the conclusion that all of the sites that are selling e-books or some magic pills that are all fake look the same. Don’t believe those pages. Only get a free keylogger download from websites that have some design in them. Not the same template and changed colors.
The next thing that you should know about a free keylogger download is what it can do. There are many keyloggers out there, but every and each one has its own purpose. Would you like a keylogger for scraping passwords off a computer or a free keylogger download that will show you the full potential of a program like that and show you information about everything that has happened on the computer that you’ll be tracking? If I were you, I’d get a free keylogger download that is an all rounder – it will do the things that the basic keylogger can do and it will do it as well. You might think that all of the additional features will just mess you up, but it’s not like that. If you take the time and read about them, you’ll be having absolutely no problem coping with them, due to the fact that they are very neatly created.
The first thing that you should notice about Desktopshark’s free keylogger download is the keystroke logger. This feature will save all of the keys pressed, but not as single keys but rather as text. If the user entered “hello” through the keyboard, no matter if a chat messenger had been opened, an e-mail written or just standing there in the desktop with no program opened, then you will see “hello” and not every single letter on a new line like most free keylogger downloads will do. This might be a free trial version but it will show you the full potential of the keylogger, so that it can convince you that it’s the right program for your job. The other feature that deserves your attention is the web history logger. It will save all of the history in the most famous browsers (Opera, Mozilla, Safari… ) and store it even if it is deleted from the web browser itself. This is great if you’re the manager of a company and you’d like to catch your employees slacking. You might have the opportunity to see it with your eyes, but nowadays most browsers switch with just the press of a key and since the employees are slacking, they won’t be paying that much attention to the computer screen and would be rather looking anywhere else. And when they see you they turn on to “I’m hard working” mode. That’s where the free keylogger download comes in handy. It’s like a hidden pair of eyes.

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How to track your computers with a software keylogger 
Nowadays, many people use the same computer, either for work or at home. This means that the security of a computer is altered. If you’re an employer, you might be concerned about what your employees are doing on those computers. You might finally get the evidence that you need to prove that they are slacking, rather than working. If you’re a loving mother or father and you have two or three kids, you’ll find it hard to see what they are doing on the computer. This is where you should consider using a software keylogger. The software keylogger is designed to help you track everything that happens on the computer – from passwords to web logs and chat messages.
The software keylogger isn’t just a program that saves all of the entered passwords on the computer, as many people think – it’s a more complex program than that. I’ll just try and tell you some of the features of a simple software keylogger. This kind of programs can save absolutely every key pressed on the PC. And they do it in a very convenient manner. They won’t just show you a key at a time; they will show it up to you like text. Just as the one you’re reading now.
Other software keyloggers have the great ability to save screenshots of the runtime of the computer and save them so that later on they can be at your disposal. The great thing is that you can customize the settings of the screenshot logger; you can make the program take a screenshot every 10 seconds and you can make it take a screenshot every 30 seconds, it’s all up to you. It’s a simple decision, if you’re very interested in what is happening on the particular PC then you’d shorten the time between the screenshots, if you’re just monitoring to make sure that everything is OK, you can set the screenshot logger to higher intervals of time – this way the computer memory won’t get used up very fast.
Other software keyloggers have the ability to save the web history of every browser installed. This is nice because you’ll see the web history of all of the browsers in one place. The other great thing is that even if the web history got deleted from the web browser, it would still stay in the software keylogger, since this is why it’s installed – to make sure that you see all of the information and actions and leave nothing hidden. Some software keyloggers also offer a search engine query logger, since you’d see these only as a URL in Google. The developers have thought that this might also be a convenient tool for all people.
The last great feature I’m going to tell you about is the ability to see all of the information online. Yes, with some software keylogger you’ll be able to see all of these things that have been logged online, so you don’t need to have direct access to the computer. This is especially great if you’re going out of town on a trip or if you’re tracking a laptop.

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Increasing your employees efficiency with a software keylogger 
Are you a manager of a company? Are you always wondering why the work isn’t done on time? You see your employees working, but it seems as their time is never enough. It might not be like that at all. The fact that you’ve never caught someone slacking doesn’t mean that there it isn’t like that. A way to check whether you have employees that are slacking is using a software keylogger like the one created by Desktopshark.

According to recent researches, Facebook is the prime problem of all employers and managers. About 3 hours of the 8 hour work day is spent on Facebook and other platforms like that. If you manage to deal with that problem, then nothing else will come as hard in your way as this one. Tackling with this problem begins with seeing it. Once you know your workers are looking at Facebook, rather than working, you can begin taking precautions. With Desktopshark’s software keylogger, you have a few features that will help you battle this problem of the employers. The features that are most likely to give the employee out are the screenshot taker and the web history logger. I don’t believe that the screenshot feature needs any introduction, so I’m going directly to the web history. The software keylogger saves all of the browsing history from the most famous web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, independently from the browser. This means that even if the employee deleted the web history from the browser itself, it would stay safe within the software keylogger, just waiting for you to review it. This is a great first step to anticipate your employee’s actions.

The next feature of the software keylogger that will be a great weapon in this battle is the keystroke logger. This practically saves all of the keys pressed during runtime. This way you can check whether your worker has been working or chatting with friends talking about this Friday night. For example, if you see words in the keystroke logger that have no reference to his job, it’s obvious that there is less work done than entertainment.
The software keylogger does have some features that you might not find that useful for company tracking, but it’s still worth knowing about them. As it suggests a software keylogger stores passwords. Well that’s the case with Desktopshark also. It stores passwords entered through some of the most popular browsers of almost every site. If you’re planning on stealing the workers’ passwords to their Facebook accounts, you must know that you might be sued for violating their privacy without their knowledge of it. Think of this tool as a way to see if someone has been changing passwords of company accounts or accessing them without permission.

To summarize, this software keylogger really is a great way of keeping track of what’s happening with your employees. You should constantly check if they are doing their work. The best thing is that you can also do this remotely from another computer. So you don’t always need to check the computer at the end of the work day. This way you’ll see what’s happening in real time. All you need to do is go to the software keylogger site and log in with your details.

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Honor for the Computer Surveillance Software in the 21st Century 
In our world today, the 21st century is infested with a huge mixture of downloads that are intended for an array of markets and customers. In addition, with the advancement in computers it has become simpler than ever to communicate online and gain access to the internet. Recent studies have taught us that on average more people are computer literate than any group of people since the creation of the internet. This type of progress is not without its disadvantages. We are in great benefit that the Computer Surveillance Software is here to help out.

The introduction of this industrial science has brought on new suspicions such as increased unfaithfulness between spouse, unveiling of inappropriate material to young adults and goofing off in the workplace. Computer Surveillance Software is a term that was introduced in the 1980s and hasn't been given as much merit as it should. Under the circumstances the Computer Surveillance Software is a perfect solution to solve a social problem at hand.

It is very understandable as to why the Computer Surveillance Software should be acquired by every computer owner and installed on all machines. The Computer Surveillance Software is a revealing approach for monitoring your spouse and protecting your children. Almost every Computer Surveillance Software now often comes with sophisticated plug ins.

These internet monitoring and surveillance can range from email recording to monitoring running programs on the desktop computer machine. Many are aware that people will misbehave when they expect that they do not think anyone will know. People from all backgrounds, you can benefit from the Computer Surveillance Software, it's extremely simple to use. To find out about the Computer Surveillance Software, you can search for free software downloads or anything related on websites. If is a omen of ours that in the remote future every machine have this running on it.

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Credit for the Best Keylogger Software in the World We Live In 
Frequently, the world we live in is made up of a cluster of free computer downloads that are intended for numerous consumers and customers. In particular, with the sophistication in processing power it has become easier than ever to communicate online and gain access to the internet. Recent knowledge have taught us that a steadily growing number of people are computer capable than any amount of people since the development of the home PC. This type of development is not without its shortcomings. On the bright side the best keylogger software is here to monitor.

The addiction of this science has brought on new threats such as increased cheating between married couples, broadcasting of inappropriate material to teens and misuse of company time in the businesses. Best keylogger software is a term that was introduced in the early 90s and hasn't been given as much honor as it should. Under the circumstances the best keylogger software is a perfect solution to solve a global problem at hand.

It is very easy to see as to why the best keylogger software should be used by every computer owner and installed on all laptops and pcs. The best keylogger software is a awesome direction to go for computer security and understanding what is going on. Many best keylogger software now often comes with internet monitoring and surveillance.

These very advanced and integrated tools can range from chat monitoring to capturing user activity on the computer. It is often seen that grown-ups will do stuff when they expect that they can not be caught. Regardless who you are, you can benefit from the best keylogger software, it's extremely not difficult to use. To hear more about the best keylogger software, you can search for downloads or anything related on msn or google. If is a outlook of ours that in the not to distant future every desktop machine have this programmed on it.

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Android Spy Monitoring Application for Google Android Mobile Phones 
If you haven't already checked it out we offer a Mobile Spy application for Android phones. It communicates with our server over a secure connection and can be viewed online. It tracks the user activity by GPS, Calls, Text Messages (SMS) and Contact Book entries. It is one of the best Text message sniffers currently available. You can purchase it on the Google Marketplace by searching for keyword Cellshark.

Check it out today!!!

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Do You Use Software to Monitor Your Kids Online? 
Every parent has heard that the Internet can be dangerous for children. Now there's software that lets you monitor your children's Internet activity even when you're away from home.

The newest software gives you real-time remote access from, for example, a computer at work to your child's instant messages and e-mails. You can even get e-mail alerts if your child uses risqué language or enters a restricted site.

Do you check on your child's Internet use during the day, even from work? Has this technology allowed you to uncover dangerous behavior like conversations with predators or explicit blogging?

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Common Passwords to become a thing of the past... Or so homail says. 
Website passwords and security is a growing concern as more and more people are joining the digital age. However, password security seems to be lacking as many new users, unaware of the threats are creating passwords that are simple and easily guessed.

When security breaches occur the aftermath can be troublesome and heartbreaking. Analysis shows there are several passwords commonly used accross the internet by more and more users. Mainly because of the easy ability to be remembered. Now websites such as hotmail are starting to do something about it.

"We will now prevent our customers from using one of several common passwords. Having a common password makes your account vulnerable to brute force 'dictionary' attacks, in which a malicious person tries to hijack your account just by guessing passwords (using a short list of very common passwords). ... Common passwords are not just 'password' or '123456' (although those are frighteningly common), but also include words or phrases that just happen to be shared by millions of people, like 'ilovecats' or 'gogiants.'"

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Skype Users Warned 
A researcher has revealed that Skype - the commonly used instant messenger and voip application could be used to change a password on someones account... The details were posted online. The consultant Levent Kayan, from Berlin posted this flaw on his blog Wednesday and notified Skype a few days later. He said that he still hasn't heard a response yet.

This bug lies in a field where a person can input their mobile phone number. Kayan wrote that a malicious user can insert JavaScript in the mobile phone field on their profile. Skype has confirmed the flaw but has referred to it as minor saying that it only affects people who communicate with a potential attacker on a frequent basis. They have also responded by saying that a fix is planed in the coming weeks.

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Have a suggestion for us or feature you would like to see? 
We are always interested in hearing from our users regarding new ideas for our software. If you have an idea that you would like to see built in to the software please email us at


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