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Our parental monitoring software is one of the worlds most widely used and trusted Computer Surveillance Applications. It provides real-time Keyboard Recording, Browser History Tracking, Website Password Capturing, Chat/IM/Email Monitoring, Screen Recording and Online Remote Access.


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What is Desktop Shark Parental Monitoring Software?

Desktop Shark is a Computer Surveillance Software that gives the user full control to see what activity takes place on their PCs. What makes our Software so powerful is it's ability to be accessed at the machine, over a private network or online all the while keeping it's presence unknown.

It monitors computer activity by recording keystrokes, taking screenshots, capturing website passwords, recording audio through use of external or built-in microphones, tracking applications used, recording chat and email conversations, logging browser history and online searches.

Who is Desktop Shark Parental Monitoring Software Meant For?

Our users range from small families and individual users to businesses. People choose our software because it is a leader in the PC Surveillance Industry and offers valuable insight using its sophisticated Keylogger as to what communication takes place.

Our users have reported to us instances where our software has caught illegal activities in the workplace, cheating spouse, innappropriate communication from online predators, drugs or unethical acts being conducted, internet parental control, monitor employee internet activity, monitor internet usage, etc...

What other products or services do we offer?

In most cases, you will find that our parental monitoring software will meet all of your expectations and needs. We also offer a mobile phone version of the software that tracks and logs users every move on Android© mobile phone devices.

Below are our products or you can click here to view them all.


Parental monitoring software is intended for monitoring and tracking of users personal property. It is NOT intended to be used illegally and users should only download and install on PERSONAL COMPUTERS THAT THEY OWN.  For laws and regulations that may affect you, contact your local law enforcement authorities.

We have and will cooperate with law enforcement authorities if our software is downloaded and used illegally by our users.


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